People on the job

Staffing and Workforce Recruitment

As the number of qualified job seekers shrinks, you can gain access to one of the largest pools of untapped employees. As your recruiter, we can match your needs and job requirements with a qualified job-ready candidate. We offer:

Prescreening – We know your most pressing concern is whether an applicant has appropriate soft skills, a clean record, and talent do the job. Each job-ready applicant is pre-screened to ensure that his or her knowledge, skills and abilities are well suited for the job vacancies in your company.

Job-site training – DVR can provide on-site trainers who work with the new employee who may need a little help to learn the tasks required on the job. This takes place at no cost to you.

Post-hire follow-up – DVR is always available to resolve concerns and assist you with questions related to an employee you have hired from us. We continue to work with you to meet your future needs as your business demands change.

Outplacement assistance – As your outplacement specialist, if there is an employee in your company who acquires a disability and can no longer work their position with your company, DVR can assist them to find alternative employment.


Accommodations Assistance

Managing disability in the workplace does not have to be costly. DVR can assist you in minimizing costs while retaining your valued employees. We are a valuable resource that can help you find solutions for employees whose job performance is impacted by illness, injury or disability. We can provide:

  • On-site job assessment
  • Problem-solving for return to work and performance of essential tasks
  • Identification of accommodations
  • Counseling and education about medical and emotional issues
  • Provision of job-site trainers
  • Modified duty/transitional work options